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I am an artist blah blah blah


Hello, my name is Paul and I am an artist and art director living in Brighton, U.K.


I love to draw, it's how I communicate. Through storyboards, production sketches and concept art, both 2D and 3D, I pull the images from my mind and pass them on to those around me.


Be they artists, designers or coders I thrive when working with other creative minds. I don't dictate, I collaborate, listening to and working with other people's ideas whilst encouraging them to grow and improve so that everyone is creatively satisfied and working to the best of their abilities. From the open and abstract world of idea generation to scrutinising over final details I love to get my hands dirty at all levels of the creative process.


As a manager I strive to employ the best minds in the business, seeking out world-class artists from games, film or whatever the job requires. I like to lead by example and integrity, with authenticity, hard work and, of course, creativity at the core of my practice. 

So, if you want to make something beautiful get in touch, there's nothing gets me fired up more than hearing about a new project.

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